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Therapy Success Story - Deborah

February 28, 2024
Deborah Bates arrived at Hickory Ridge seeking therapy to regain her independence after an injury. Throughout her journey, she received exceptional care from the dedicated staff, particularly her favorite STNA, Mary, and the encouraging day shift nurse, Balal. Their unwavering support motivated Miss Bates to persevere and remain active in her rehabilitation process. Additionally, she found immense value in the guidance provided by her favorite Physical Therapist, Nicole, who consistently encouraged her progress and played a significant role in her success at Hickory Ridge.

Reflecting on her experience, Miss Bates expressed gratitude for the kindness and assistance she received from the therapy team, including speech therapist Katie. Their collective efforts, combined with the comprehensive resources offered by the Therapy Department, empowered Miss Bates to maximize her strength and mobility, ultimately enabling her to envision a return to her normal day-to-day life.

Her positive experience at Hickory Ridge led Miss Bates to wholeheartedly recommend the facility to others seeking therapy, emphasizing the transformative impact of the Therapy Department's approach in facilitating her rehabilitation journey.

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